Monday, January 4, 2010

What a privilege!

A former patient came into the office to day for a follow-up check by the doctor. When she first came to vision therapy she had no binocular vision. We started by doing lots of anti-suppression activities using polaroid lenses and red and green lenses. As she became more and more aware of what each eye was seeing, she began to be able to do a basic brock string. Although a sophomore in high school, she was delighted by the float that comes when we do some of the binocular activities - like the images of the strings, for instance, or the float of the quoits vectograms. After about 32 weekly therapy sessions, she was discharged - but we continue to watch her progress and give her things to do at home, checking up on her every couple of months. Today, the doctor was thrilled to report that our patient has developed randot stereo and was enamored with the fly's wings in the exam room. The patient blamed the results on watching Avatar, the movie in 3-D. Her original motivation included a desire to see Coraline. Here's a person whose life has been changed by the expansion of her visual function. What a privilege to have been part of the journey.

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