Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading Focus Card

Joan emailed me after she read my website because we both come from St. Louis and we both have products to help students who are struggling readers. We had a great conversation the other night too and discovered that she has met the eye doctors I work for (I thought I recognized her reading focus card when I browsed her website- It is a tool that for anyone with deficits in the development of their saccadic eye movements- those short little hops that we make when moving from one word, line, or paragraph to the next. Of course, my perspective is that this condition can and should be resolved after a developmental optometrist provides a complete vision examination and prescribes the appropriate corrections, exercises, and vision therapy. Of course, my hope is that teachers everywhere become informed about learning related vision skills - how to recognize students who need intervention - and that they also will experiment with the learning activities in my series of e-books. The Purple Book deals explicitly with saccadic eye movements - by providing academic activities for students in grades K-8 which exercise and could improve these eye movements and at the same time promote more efficient reading skills as well. Go Joan!

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