Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why a VT Patient Plans to Get Married

A high school patient with severe developmental delays came to vision therapy yesterday. My colleague was doing a perceptual activity using attribute blocks which was frustrating our patient. His way of distracting us away from vision therapy is to chat about anything and everything -usually sports, video game releases, and television programs. Yesterday, though, he was complaining that he had done poorly on a test at school. "What subject was the test in?" the therapist asked. "Personal finance," the patient answered. "Isn't that where you learn to balance your check book?" asked the therapist. "That is a really important class for you to do well in, right?" "No, I don't like doing it," said the patient. "What will you do when you grow up? How will you know how much money you have?" "That's why I'm going to get married so my wife can balance the checkbook," he responded.

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