Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Intern's Emerging Binocularity

Today I asked our amblyopic intern whether she has had any more results from doing simple binocular activities in our vision therapy room. Yes, she is aware of depth in a new and not terribly comfortable sense now that she can see two strings on the Brock string. She also had a terrific headache last week and attributes that to the emerging use of her right eye. Not only is she providing clear language about the disruption that becoming binocular is making for her otherwise reliable visual world-view, she is gaining empathy for all the patients for whom she will recommend vision therapy once she is a fully licensed board-certified optometrist. I hope to convince her to blog about her journey towards binocularity.

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Traveller said...

I am blogging about developing binocularity and other vision related disorders, as well as disabilities, in my blog: